SP 2A- Outcome 1- Worksheet 5- Initial Investigation Self Identity- Page 25-39

Identity ,Cultural Identity,Collective Identity ,Self ,Self Image, Self Concept

Being surrounded with all sorts of technology and mayhem, it is easily to distract your personality and pretend to be someone else. The media and social baggage that it provides brings out different types of individuals. Walking in a street is a catalogue of choice. Looking through window stalls and mannequins together with the interaction of people surrounding the view, shares an impactful agenda that we are unconsciously connected to. Adverts and different perspectives most of the time force individuals to accept the values and morals that are proposed by the higher order.  The creative and unique identity thus is an area that most of the time is hard to explain and fully outline it in simple terms. In this work I had to justify  in clear terms and deliver a work that purely outlines the real essence of a subject. Through deep evaluation and deep thinking process I had to produce a work that brought into light my self authentication to the viewer. I had to produce a work that physically and aesthetically portrays the way I am and how I act to the things around me.

Looking through various aspects that surrounds me I wanted to explain how sometimes one tries to adapt himself to a linear approach ( safe ) for high culture to accept but as many the inner self attempt to regularity infuses and the real you outbursts. Thus, the uniqueness of everyone is one of the most essential parts of our lives and one should always cherish.


Triggers, Soft Box, Wide Lens Canon 10-22 mm, Light Meter, Prop

The initial idea concept that I was looking for was that of producing an overlay of multiple shoots that through juxtaposition created a different cloning results. In doing so I wanted to expose the reality of being a persona within different parts and places.

EXPERIMENTATION through layering and slow shutter speed.






Through this work shop I reinforced the idea of light and inverse square law principles. Together with this i was able to analysis and by far come up with a concept that was produced through a deep thinking process. The technical side of such a process was at times challenging but through this work I was able to see the technicality and build up of work in a more direct and precise manner. The concept and subject was fully researched and the shooting result moved clearly. Being able to establish a focus from the start of this task I was able to diverge and analyse in more depth the outcome I sought to achieve.

 Further Reading




Videos about image

Although this video diverges from the concept. It is interesting to see how people most of the time have the wrong and they stress on the negative parts of their natural beauty rather than focusing on their best features.

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