T&P 2A – Outcome 5 – Conclusion No Daylight – KINETIC- Page 2

No Daylight – Kinetic

Light is an effective element that without its presence I will be lost. The illuminating sky, the small dimming lights that illuminating the interior of the warm households and the tense light that illuminate the void of corridors in spaces and places. Music is the thing that surrounds us with every second we breathe. The whistling sounds of trees and the water drops that mark the passing of time. Everything is amplified when the world connects with the listener.
Through this journey I was able in much depth the small things that revolve around me. The night sky has been part of this journey the darkness that these days revolved in where the inspirational elements that allowed the whisper and sound of Stephane Grappelli rediscover its essence. Lost in this world I wanted to bring into real life the energy that pertains within these distant matters that surrounds us all the time. Away and distant I wanted to find the connection that I see between these two elements.
Through various light and music experimentations I was able to reconnect myself to the sound of the violin. This bound was found again. Although I am still an active musician journeys like these I have to detach myself and this assignment has helped me to find soul in something that I am interested and can translate something from.
The nostalgic journeys that I use to have back and forth from one school and another were almost always done during the night sky and with some music that moved along. Although it took to this point to understand the relation of light and music I was always bound to acknowledge the immensity of these two parallels.
The movement that there is between light and sound is something that I wanted to investigate and find a means of translated this inner acknowledgment. Although there have been moments that where I found myself revaluing the whole thing and trying to find a clear voice upon which I could translate all of this, I have been able to direct this concept into a perspective that time revealed it to me.
Different peer groups’ feedback has enabled me to understand the notion of working in connection with the viewer. I have never been this open about my work I realised that there is crucial significance in taking this practice for the next future works. There is nothing wrong with exposing one’s way of understanding as it will allow me to clear and understand what I mean in taking on such a practice. Through Blog evaluation I had the ability to face value the essential parts of my project and expose myself into the world. Although all of this might have been overwhelming and scary at times, I believe that such practise has enabled me to evaluate opinions and different people’s way of understanding.

The final work that I was able to express is something that I consider that justifies the connection. Music and light have an aura that should be expressed and revealed in many different ways. My perspective is one that shares abstractness and a depth of flow. Although the work is saturated and there is no sense of colour dimensionality I have revealed the inner soul that is found within the deep sound of Jazz. The syncopated and vibrato effect that this music outlines has enabled me to understand the textural elements that transcend through the sound.
Music and light are two significant features that if we lack the presence of their existentiality one will lose the dynamism that lies within such matter. This revelation has no end to it and I am willing to push further this ideological aspect that can enable me to release it further through my artistic life. The initiation of such revelation stands as a key point of awakening. This thus significant to push forth what I truly believe and keep focus on the concept that I want to transcend to the viewer.


Further Research that justifies and brings into parallel different parallels of sound together with light:

T&P 2A- Outcome 5- Software Application Outcome- Page 1

Outcome outcome 5 page 1 Evaluation


Through such a workshop I could further understanding the significance of colour temperature and the light surroundings that one takes for granted at times. In such a concept has allowed understanding the functional and broad investigation of different light casting. Each and every elemental principal of light should be increasingly investigated, as it will justify and profoundly affect the final photographic results of one’s perception.
This programme had an elemental feature in conditioning the work and process that I undertook in order to finalize my photos with high standard. The feature qualities that have been embedded through this workshop have enabled me to understand further.

What will happen next?
The different functionality that this process has given me will be engaged and employed for further references in different task assigned in this field.

T&P-2A-Outcome 4- Career Aspirations + Development Plan+ Surroundings Final Outcome – Page 5

Outcome 4 (From page 1-5)

In this section I have dedicated time to evaluate the career path and direction that I would like to follow in the future. Further explanation is found on page 1 – Outcome 4.
Through different mind mapping and note annotations I was able to document and structure the different aspects that a work requires from the initial day of execution to the final days of evaluations. The consistency and structure that I was able to formulate from the very start has allowed me to venture and plunge my work into different fields of thought.

The surroundings that I have found myself surrounded with has enabled the rite of knowledge for the whole journey. This possibility has enabled me to understand in clear context what the purpose of time and space that I found myself in.
Through this evaluation I have been able to construct a paragraph that will be put forth when I shall present my work.
What will happen next?

Although the investigation and development has reached the final structure, I will take this development and try to investigate it further in the future to come. It is something that I have initiated and It is something that I have believed and achieved through my journey in the UK.

IMG_4127 14

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 3 & 4 Outcome- Page 16

Outcome of work from Page 8-16
After evaluating different feedback comments and requisitioning the purpose of such work I
wanted to see how I will make the connection of music and light visually work. After long thinking evaluation and mind blogs I started to assemble different parts of photos that enabled me to understand the connection of light and sound. Light energy transcended from one photo to another and this fully engage me to justify my work and the relevance of it further more.

Different elements and parts of music like light connect into each other and this connection is what makes them unique. Although they are both vague and abstract terms to visual and tangibly explain through their connection one can understand my understanding of their matter. This perspective is of utmost significance.

Through Grapelli’s Stardust I concentrated and developed a work that brings the different
compositional elements into one piece that transcends from one concept to another. This work has fully resonated with what I truly wanted to expose and unraveled the true energy that belongs between the two elements.Through various group and peer feedback I was able to acknowledge that people have the ability to acknowledge the essence of this work and the connection of this work can be justified.

What will happen next?

Further Feedback will be investigated and push forth. This will enable me to evaluate the way that I will be presenting my work and the connection that I have made through this
cycle of work. Further investigation will still take place for future reference.

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Feedback Forms Outcome- Page 1-7

Feedback 2 Page 7


Through Peer and group discussions I was able to understand and evaluate the different responses that other photographers had linked into my work. Through certain aspects such as clarity, flow and phrases suggested from my peers I had the ability to construct a better idea of how the viewer is interacting with the body of work. This work needs the voice of other people in order to justify what it wants to state from start till the end of its development.

What will happen next?

With this deep and interesting evaluation of my work I will bring into pure terms what I want to convey and how I will provide the viewer with a balance that will allow them to further engage the concept that I want to outline. Through various technical ideas I will experiment and underline different aspects that will mould the final concept development into one whole.

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 4- Page 116

Photography Health and Safety

Like any field in the world one should always be aware of the responsibilities and dangers that one may encounter during his/her working field. Photography is no excuse and like many hands on work it involves a high risk of danger both to the kit at hand and one’s safety. Although as students these things may not be on our A list when handling a photographic task or work, it is one that involves true significance when thinking and understanding its purpose.

As a photographer, always seeks the trust of the client. This trust means more than just agreeing upon meeting on a venue and taking multiple snaps. This trust means that one should take into account several precautions in order to perform at one’s best when requested. The initial task that a photographer should record is thus his kit within an insurance agency that gives a full coverage of the kit at hand. Another significant part that a photographer should take is his own self-insurance that will cover him when things go wrong. Although this might sound obvious but public liability is one key concept that if one takes his field with great seriousness one should look into this thing carefully.

A photographer should always take extra caution when dealing within things that are not in his line of expertise. Places such as construction scenes, factories, chemical zones, wildlife, foreign terrains etc; individuals should always seek the best safeguarding measures that will decrease the risk of harm both to him/her, the environment and kit at hand. Not only should one be cautious of the place that he is shooting but safeguarding other peoples lives.

Whenever a photographer is commissioned for different tasks he should be prepared for extra precautions when dealing with the kit. One should look into supplying back up alternatives, example SD cards, batteries that will be used in case of a hic cup in the system. Although this may be difficult to predict, things can go wrong. Insurance is thus one significant key for a photographer to have at hand when dealing with such tasks.

Articles about photographers and the risk they take during their work:

1 https://fstoppers.com/wedding/news-uk-wedding-photographers-driven-bankrupt-angry-customers-6035

2 http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2013/08/23/columbus-wedding-photography-burglary.html

3            http://petapixel.com/2013/09/29/wedding-photographer-wanted-ad-makes-us-lose-little-faith-humanity/

4         http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/aug/23/gang-rape-photo-journalist-mumbai-outcry

5       http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/egypt/10170307/Ahmed-Assem-the-Egyptian-photographer-who-chronicled-his-own-death.html

6    https://fstoppers.com/video/btsv-drew-gardner-shoots-zebra-2813

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 4- 13-16


11  10http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lVC7Zv_Hxo

Inspired from the first 3 pieces played in this album.

The playful poignant feel that such a music evokes shapes up an aesthetic that reveals something that is beyond my words. The flickering effect together with a resolving round tangibility that I am able to produce connect the three forces into a vivid consolidation of energy. The lightness and deep contrast that different harmonies result brings about a depth of great revelation. Something that I want the viewer to connect with and reinterpret with his individuality and perception ideology.

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 3- Page 12-13

16 17 18 19 14

The clean aesthetic that this work brings out sheds a deeper understanding of my personality with the piece of Grappelli and his sound. The music Evokes a sense of liberation that brings out a development of such sort. The main principles are connected within each other and I am working hard to reveal the true energy that will transcend from one viewer to another.

The touch of bow pressure together with the beautiful sound of vibrato resonates within the structure that one can see from the above results. The poignant and beautiful abstraction that results make me feel deeper upon this connection that I am striving to achieve.

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 3- Page 11

Investigation of Grapelli’s sound

08 05 04 02 01 03


The above shoots are being worked on and more results will show my clean and rather clear approach to such an effect. Although Grapelli is Jazz in anima, his sound brings out a clearity that distinguishes the change and tonal mastering of his technique. The bitter sweet like effect brings out the extensive involvement that he is able to provide to his audience. I find this sound playful and rather clear to the mind.