Week 8 – The next step

Looking back to the start of this project I can see that social media shares an integral part to the basis of today’s current world. The different abilities that it has towards connecting and disconnecting itself, is one that has allowed me to explore within the developed work. Positive feedback from different users, has enabled […]

Week 1 thesocialreality

Week 1 has focused within the individual reality that we exist in. The main inspirations that helped me formulate this week set of photographs were the following narratives and facts that I was able to retrieved from surfing the web. 1 http://petapixel.com/2016/04/13/photog-matches-photos-taken-subway/ Russian Photographer who experiments with an interesting APP – Findface and through this […]

#2 thejourney

Throughout the past two weeks, I have worked upon discovering and analysing the element of social reality within the eye of a mobile phone. Through this development I started to formulate ideas that move along the elemental quality of living within such a contemporary setting of engaging and exploring the possibility to communicate with one […]

SP 2A- Outcome 4 – Post Evaluation 01

Dimensions, Altitudes and Change brings out a sense of alienation that although it can be subtle when placed within a time zone that I have been part of it still revolves a feeling that is beyond the limit of anyone. Heading back home, resolving myself in search of comfort, has been different from what I […]

09 ENIGMA Film Production

https://vimeo.com/113485818 The video Enigma is a work that documents and narrates an experience that is made up of multilevel degrees of contrasting parallels. Such a narration finds its roots and initiation in a static apparition of an ash tree that is placed, repeated several times within the same shoot. The viewer has no idea what […]

T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 4- 13-16

  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-lVC7Zv_Hxo Inspired from the first 3 pieces played in this album. The playful poignant feel that such a music evokes shapes up an aesthetic that reveals something that is beyond my words. The flickering effect together with a resolving round tangibility that I am able to produce connect the three forces into a vivid consolidation […]

T&P 2A- Outcome 2 Part 2 – Music and Light Development 1 & 2- Page 52-60

In these works I evaluated different key musical genres and translated my inspirations through it. Location: Dark Room and Artificial Torch Light 1. Indila – Dernière Danse The initial music that I explored was that of Derniere Danse. This kind of music is one that is inspired me to formulate a woman like presentation. Whilst […]

T&P 2A- Outcome 1- Final Proposal – Page 5

THE AIM: To show the relation of my individuality with the fusion of music and light into one whole piece. The atomic structure that makes the human life finds a physicality that inspired me to look within a subject that would expose and reveal the connection that I relate to music and its relation with […]