SP 2A- Outcome 4 – Post Evaluation 01

Dimensions, Altitudes and Change brings out a sense of alienation that although it can be subtle when placed within a time zone that I have been part of it still revolves a feeling that is beyond the limit of anyone. Heading back home, resolving myself in search of comfort, has been different from what I have expected. Reality and going back to the roots let me understood that detachment in ways and other is still evident. Although the level and amplification of such a feeling evolved, I can still acknowledge that detachment is something meant for everyone to understand and accept. Away from one’s house I could recognize the definition of being away, of being no one and finding one’s inner sense of acceptance.

After some days I got back to the camera and started to evolving some interesting notions that I could still envision. Further work and processes will be evaluated further through this journey of understanding.


01 copy


Some spaces are new and at a certain level I feel alienated in what they pronounce. Everything is bold and evident and I have found this significant as I came back. I never knew that this was something I would feel. The abundance and boldness is everywhere and I never knew it existed.

What will happen next?

Further investigation will be evaluated and analysed in a way to understand the change that is found within each and everyone of us.

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