SP 2A- Outcome 4 – Post Evaluation 02

Detachment has evolved into something that I have never considered to be in such depth. Away and within the comfort of life, this experience has enabled me to venture into an exploration that is effective through time and space. As from the following examples one can see that colour has revived and reestablished itself in my composition, yet still one can understand the cold nature of its behavior.

1 2 3 4

Geometric shapes together with superimposed colours and contrasts has enabled me to produce the settlement of understanding myself back. Everything is bold and vibrant together with something that is detached from everything that is surrounding me.


One should look into experiences and opportunities in a manner that allow us to venture into something new and unexpected. It will take time to develop and further understand this transformation that detachment has enabled me to produce this body of work.

SP 2A- Outcome 4 – Post Evaluation 01

Dimensions, Altitudes and Change brings out a sense of alienation that although it can be subtle when placed within a time zone that I have been part of it still revolves a feeling that is beyond the limit of anyone. Heading back home, resolving myself in search of comfort, has been different from what I have expected. Reality and going back to the roots let me understood that detachment in ways and other is still evident. Although the level and amplification of such a feeling evolved, I can still acknowledge that detachment is something meant for everyone to understand and accept. Away from one’s house I could recognize the definition of being away, of being no one and finding one’s inner sense of acceptance.

After some days I got back to the camera and started to evolving some interesting notions that I could still envision. Further work and processes will be evaluated further through this journey of understanding.


01 copy


Some spaces are new and at a certain level I feel alienated in what they pronounce. Everything is bold and evident and I have found this significant as I came back. I never knew that this was something I would feel. The abundance and boldness is everywhere and I never knew it existed.

What will happen next?

Further investigation will be evaluated and analysed in a way to understand the change that is found within each and everyone of us.

SP 2A- Outcome 4 – ‘VOJT’ Conclusion Evaluation- Page 17-19


Away from home, from comfort I find myself in a place that shares no sense of attachment. Away in the distant north, I find myself trapped in walls were no air and sea can be seen. The crack of dawn spares no sense of light.
I find myself in a journey that is vernacular and distant. The mundane essence that such a feeling expression undermines is an overwhelming feeling that through this work I wanted to express. The concept of detachment has been part of this initial encountering and will remain until the unknown. This journey, this feeling has distant me in a way that I have never been before.
Living in a room that is just momentary a room of comfort bears no sense of tangibility. Although this feeling is not something that I like to feel it is something that I have and I wanted to find a reason for its existence. Being true and face valuing it to the people around me has enabled me to grow and understand the purpose that although one can never justify it, I sought to find meaning.
Similar to the journey that I had to undergo, the work at hand followed the same pattern of understanding. For forty days I have put forth my sense of detachment with sheer understanding within the aspect of observation. This mechanical and processing way of photographing has brought a foundation that my work could move through. Through these days I could acknowledge that the initial days and the final days of this process shared a distinctive form of detachment. This journey has grown in me a sense of detachment that moulded its purposes through this process.
The initial days this detachment meant to be something related to my physicality of not being in my home country. As this progressed I started to pinpoint different minute details of my individuality, my race, my religion, my practice to that in Bradford. The change and acceptance of this detachment has or is still effective until this very day. In this city with this detachment I was able to alienate whatever give no sense within the surface and expose the depths of the realities that I confront myself every day.

The reality of life has been this, me being part of something foreign in a foreign city observing time and space from an identity that has no attachment to the surroundings. Detachment meant removing all that I ever knew and understanding a feeling that I found myself in and find a way to accept and live with. The final progression of this series of work in fact exposes everything that this detachment involved in. Through black and white gradations I was able to bring out something that justify the concept that I would like to put forth.
After deep analytical understanding provided through tutorial sessions and peer discussions I directed my final work into a series that allows the viewer to open up to the idea concept of detachment. Through a quote I composed a work that I will be able to look back into and remember the significance of these days lived away from what connected me and delve into this adventure. Although I will not be here this journey has given me an insite of something that I never knew could be possible and it gave way to my growth as a persona in this life.

‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’- Soren Kierkegaard




03 (2) 03 06

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Page 13-16 Outcome of Final Series- Page 15

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Page 13-16 Outcome of Final Series- Page 15

In this body of work I have been able to structure a balance that narrates this detachment to the viewer.Through the experimentation and abstracting the window, I found something that has enabled me to voice out the detachment into parts of development.
Through the employment of geometric lines and shapes, I was able to objectify the idea of detachment from a new way of understanding. Through different lines and geometric formations I was able to construct something that resolves around the tonal dimensions for the viewer to outline.
My main concept that I wanted to voice out was the development of this detachment. In order to fulfil this justification I have analysed in depth the notion of finding understanding, accepting and allow myself to accept the indifference that lies within me and this formation.

What will happen next?

From the following months I will be evaluating this further on in a different location called home. It feels strange that I need to connect back to that reality that I have been detached for the past months. I have no idea how I would feel, but it is something that I have to face and see what the reaction is.

Detachment has opened me to see life in a different manner and it is part of something that I have to delve deeper and harder.

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development 4- Feed Back Forms Outcome- Page 12

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development 4- Feed Back Forms Outcome- Page 12


In these peer group and individual tutorials I was able to investigate and understand how people reacted to my work. The feedback that I was given had something that made me feel positive about and I could acknowledge that the feeling and intention of the direction that I am directing myself is of great possibilities. Although sometimes during this development I find myself doubtful, I know that the concept and the depth of this work unveil a truth that justifies all the questions that sometimes surface.

What will happen next?

In the next body of work I will be directing myself in creating the final series that will evaluate and solidify the whole journey into one significant piece. In this piece I would like to have the ability to deeply encapsulate and with all the energy and power that I can give resolve a series that truly give a justification and acceptance to this piece.

SP 2A-Outcome 4- Work Development 3 Outcome- Evaluation outcome Page 6

01 04 05

SP 2A-Outcome 4- Work Development 3 Outcome- Evaluation outcome Page 6-10

In this body of work I have evaluated and brought out different parts that enable me to narrate the development of this detachment. With different tonal qualities I was able to bring out different densities of saturated markings within the development of my process. All this has allowed understanding the elemental features that lie within the notion that I have been developing along this time.

What will happen next?

After exposing this work to a group and mentor based discussions I will filter all the comments and direct myself to the final series outcome and results.

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development 3 Outcome – Page 5

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development Outcome- Evaluation Outcome of pages 1-5


In these pages I have reevaluated the notion of detachment and established the relation that I have built through the latter experiment. In shooting for several days I got into terms of acknowledging the detachment and accepting its indifference to my persona. In these pages I have evaluated and constructed a thought understanding of how my work should revolve and delve into in order to extract my final series of work.

What will happen next?

In the following experiments I will be using the practicalities and different notions that I was able to extract from the previous experimentation. From this I would like to find a narrative that will be the ultimate consolidation of the next series of work that will justify the path and revelation of this development.


Channel 4 experience – PhotoJournalism

Photo Journalism – Channel 4 Experience

In today’s workshop I was able to have hands on experience on the idea of photojournalism. The demanding approach through such a media photography allows me to understand further the significance of photojournalism in today’s context. Events and people interact quickly and it is the photojournalism ability to capture the instant remembrance of such moments that makes you an increasingly good photographer. Although I must say It was a hard task to handle in a few hours, I was able to capture some interesting things that with further development would have rather potential in them.

Shoots taken during the workshop:

03 - Coffee with Sue copy 03 - Pre Production copy 04- Pre Planning Film Studio copy 08- photo journalism copy 09 photo journalism copy 12- reflection copy 13- Sue busy copy


At the 4 talent day experience I understood that if you seriously think that you have got potential in a certain skill, you should step up and start DOING and creating stuff. No one is going to offer you a silver plate upon doing nothing in return. One should bite the bullet and fight for whatever they were made to be. You will be faced with constant disappointments at first but one day we will get through this phase and things will start taking a path and field of its own. The courage and willingness not to give up will eventually be the main significance for once successful story.

‘If you believe it you can achieve it’- Gen Gristani

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Development Work 4 – Page 13-14

Working on the concept of detachment and the idea concept of distinction in time and space I produced a series of work that justify these qualities. These works show an extensive and under layered idea of distinction between me and the space that I relate to everyday.

01 03 04

Through each and every narrative I would like to capture and encapsulate something that will eventually summon the whole exposure of this journey through the final work selection.

Some more results co related to the work that I am processing.

05 06

Outcome having obtained a huge amount of results I am looking through the final concept analysis that will eventually mark the final works.

More work to be reviewed and posted soon.

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Work Development 3- Pages 7-8

After extracting and analysing  in deep terms the work I have done so far, I was given an interesting outlook that I will further investigate in the promising series of works. The concept of detachment is still one of the keywords that stand behind the evaluated concept but through this I would like to explore the mental vs physical outcome of such a detachment. A detachment that I have been state facing its narrative to the audience to understand and in clear ways outline my view to the subject. The next challenge that I will be delving into is that of exposing a series of work that still narrates the same idea analysis but with a deeper and more intrinsic output.

The viewer has to feel and deeply acknowledge the detachment through a physical state and thought that I will explore in my investigation. The inner self has to be justified and outstretched in a manner to get my message and acknowledgment of this circumstance.

In the work I am proposing now, is that of remaining within the same point and space but exposing the unsettling and disorder that lies within the photo itself. No sense of order but a sense that will expose the inner turmoil of such a detachment. All of this justifies further the concept and allows me to express in the viewer the way I portray it.


14 15 16 17 18


nspirational work that I found related to this approach and ideology:

A.Lee Fraenkel:

Idea of dividing the space and constructing a different ideas on top of each other


Work searched and process:

B.Robert Heinecken:

Are you Rea. 1964-68

Costume for Feb.’68.1968

Periodical #5. 1971