SP 2A- Outcome 4- Page 13-16 Outcome of Final Series- Page 15

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Page 13-16 Outcome of Final Series- Page 15

In this body of work I have been able to structure a balance that narrates this detachment to the viewer.Through the experimentation and abstracting the window, I found something that has enabled me to voice out the detachment into parts of development.
Through the employment of geometric lines and shapes, I was able to objectify the idea of detachment from a new way of understanding. Through different lines and geometric formations I was able to construct something that resolves around the tonal dimensions for the viewer to outline.
My main concept that I wanted to voice out was the development of this detachment. In order to fulfil this justification I have analysed in depth the notion of finding understanding, accepting and allow myself to accept the indifference that lies within me and this formation.

What will happen next?

From the following months I will be evaluating this further on in a different location called home. It feels strange that I need to connect back to that reality that I have been detached for the past months. I have no idea how I would feel, but it is something that I have to face and see what the reaction is.

Detachment has opened me to see life in a different manner and it is part of something that I have to delve deeper and harder.

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