SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development 4- Feed Back Forms Outcome- Page 12

SP 2A- Outcome 4- Detachment Development 4- Feed Back Forms Outcome- Page 12


In these peer group and individual tutorials I was able to investigate and understand how people reacted to my work. The feedback that I was given had something that made me feel positive about and I could acknowledge that the feeling and intention of the direction that I am directing myself is of great possibilities. Although sometimes during this development I find myself doubtful, I know that the concept and the depth of this work unveil a truth that justifies all the questions that sometimes surface.

What will happen next?

In the next body of work I will be directing myself in creating the final series that will evaluate and solidify the whole journey into one significant piece. In this piece I would like to have the ability to deeply encapsulate and with all the energy and power that I can give resolve a series that truly give a justification and acceptance to this piece.

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