SP 2A- Outcome 4 – ‘VOJT’ Conclusion Evaluation- Page 17-19


Away from home, from comfort I find myself in a place that shares no sense of attachment. Away in the distant north, I find myself trapped in walls were no air and sea can be seen. The crack of dawn spares no sense of light.
I find myself in a journey that is vernacular and distant. The mundane essence that such a feeling expression undermines is an overwhelming feeling that through this work I wanted to express. The concept of detachment has been part of this initial encountering and will remain until the unknown. This journey, this feeling has distant me in a way that I have never been before.
Living in a room that is just momentary a room of comfort bears no sense of tangibility. Although this feeling is not something that I like to feel it is something that I have and I wanted to find a reason for its existence. Being true and face valuing it to the people around me has enabled me to grow and understand the purpose that although one can never justify it, I sought to find meaning.
Similar to the journey that I had to undergo, the work at hand followed the same pattern of understanding. For forty days I have put forth my sense of detachment with sheer understanding within the aspect of observation. This mechanical and processing way of photographing has brought a foundation that my work could move through. Through these days I could acknowledge that the initial days and the final days of this process shared a distinctive form of detachment. This journey has grown in me a sense of detachment that moulded its purposes through this process.
The initial days this detachment meant to be something related to my physicality of not being in my home country. As this progressed I started to pinpoint different minute details of my individuality, my race, my religion, my practice to that in Bradford. The change and acceptance of this detachment has or is still effective until this very day. In this city with this detachment I was able to alienate whatever give no sense within the surface and expose the depths of the realities that I confront myself every day.

The reality of life has been this, me being part of something foreign in a foreign city observing time and space from an identity that has no attachment to the surroundings. Detachment meant removing all that I ever knew and understanding a feeling that I found myself in and find a way to accept and live with. The final progression of this series of work in fact exposes everything that this detachment involved in. Through black and white gradations I was able to bring out something that justify the concept that I would like to put forth.
After deep analytical understanding provided through tutorial sessions and peer discussions I directed my final work into a series that allows the viewer to open up to the idea concept of detachment. Through a quote I composed a work that I will be able to look back into and remember the significance of these days lived away from what connected me and delve into this adventure. Although I will not be here this journey has given me an insite of something that I never knew could be possible and it gave way to my growth as a persona in this life.

‘Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards’- Soren Kierkegaard




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