Photo Journalism – Channel 4 Experience

In today’s workshop I was able to have hands on experience on the idea of photojournalism. The demanding approach through such a media photography allows me to understand further the significance of photojournalism in today’s context. Events and people interact quickly and it is the photojournalism ability to capture the instant remembrance of such moments that makes you an increasingly good photographer. Although I must say It was a hard task to handle in a few hours, I was able to capture some interesting things that with further development would have rather potential in them.

Shoots taken during the workshop:

03 - Coffee with Sue copy 03 - Pre Production copy 04- Pre Planning Film Studio copy 08- photo journalism copy 09 photo journalism copy 12- reflection copy 13- Sue busy copy


At the 4 talent day experience I understood that if you seriously think that you have got potential in a certain skill, you should step up and start DOING and creating stuff. No one is going to offer you a silver plate upon doing nothing in return. One should bite the bullet and fight for whatever they were made to be. You will be faced with constant disappointments at first but one day we will get through this phase and things will start taking a path and field of its own. The courage and willingness not to give up will eventually be the main significance for once successful story.

‘If you believe it you can achieve it’- Gen Gristani

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