After extracting and analysing  in deep terms the work I have done so far, I was given an interesting outlook that I will further investigate in the promising series of works. The concept of detachment is still one of the keywords that stand behind the evaluated concept but through this I would like to explore the mental vs physical outcome of such a detachment. A detachment that I have been state facing its narrative to the audience to understand and in clear ways outline my view to the subject. The next challenge that I will be delving into is that of exposing a series of work that still narrates the same idea analysis but with a deeper and more intrinsic output.

The viewer has to feel and deeply acknowledge the detachment through a physical state and thought that I will explore in my investigation. The inner self has to be justified and outstretched in a manner to get my message and acknowledgment of this circumstance.

In the work I am proposing now, is that of remaining within the same point and space but exposing the unsettling and disorder that lies within the photo itself. No sense of order but a sense that will expose the inner turmoil of such a detachment. All of this justifies further the concept and allows me to express in the viewer the way I portray it.


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nspirational work that I found related to this approach and ideology:

A.Lee Fraenkel:

Idea of dividing the space and constructing a different ideas on top of each other

Work searched and process:

B.Robert Heinecken:

Are you Rea. 1964-68

Costume for Feb.’68.1968

Periodical #5. 1971

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