During the second intervention to the final development, I wanted to present a study that outlines the detachment further on. The repetition and monotonous behavior that has been evaluated for the past months has brought out something that sheds a development of a particular feeling. The detachment from the initial day to that found today is molded into something that only by experience and foundation I could evoke it today.

The uncertain qualities and deadpan aesthetic that such a profound subject has profoundly objectified in my work, outlines how deeply foreign something can be to ones experience. It is an experience that you find yourself explaining parallels that sometimes they don’t make profound sense. Like a rainy day and the ice cream van. The dissonance that such reality evokes shows a formula that i would like to justify and portray to the viewer in clear terms.

In the developed photos outlines for this part of my work suggest an understanding and in full terms the deep expression of me in this space that indirectly has no sense of home for me.

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Working on the notion of detachment in this body of work I wanted to reveal the structure of a feeling that I believe is obtained through this window. The abstraction and unfocused portrayal reveal how unsettling something can be if you are not truly experienced. The home like connection and detachment found in a new place is a transition that people and anything in the world can relate to.

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