T&P 2A- Outcome 2 Part 2- Music and Light Development 2- Page 73-74

“The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together.”
― Carl Sagan

After a long thought process and deep analysis I find that my work should resolve itself into a direction that will extract all the developments that I have been testing through this work. As found in the previous development my work has profoundly developed into a work that with holds the ideology of the 3 principles of an atom, Yet the outcome of such deep analytically manner still finds a way of further investigation.

The abstract qualities that S. Grappelli evokes in my expression and translation to photography allow me to understand how significantly powerful is the transition. Like the phenomenon of quantum physics, my work revolves around the idea of space time and the change in the atomic features of same quality energy. In such an understanding I find that my work has a relation even without physically juxtaposition.

The abstractness like this development finds a transition that i would like to expose in the work that I will be translating. Employing and delving into one of the most inspirational musical features of Grappelli I would like to evoke a transition of work that brings into life the inspiration that initiates me to express myself in such a manner.

The physical development of such a work will stand a significant part that will view, the metaphysical behavior that an atom itself changes in time and space. In doing so I will be connecting to further justification the manner ( neutron, electron and proton)  light, dark and music into a whole structure and a body of work that is of individual inspiration. The audience will be able to openly understand the concept that i will be translating and thus evoking something that will keep on evolving and changing through the time to come.

Similar to an Atomic feature this work will extract different foundations that surround me and I will create a connection that will be viewed and reinterpreted to endless possibilities by different viewers. Similar to an atom I want that this work never dies and it will continue to evolve in the time to come.

This is the work that I am going to investigate and render different tonal qualities that surround such a piece. The textural and aesthetically physicality of these photos will thus be of a significant attribute to the qualities that I will be surpassing.

Further investigation and shoots to be posted soon.

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