T&P 2A – Outcome 2 – Initial Research Web Based


One of the most interesting things about Cindy Sherman is  her ability to change and delve into different personas. This ability to change her individuality shares an interesting ability to comprehend deeper the person photographed.

1.Untitled Film Still -1980,81

This work unveils the ability to make something that seems extremely real, but fictional in its nature. Cindy Sherman capacity to share an extensive body of work exposes in depth her ability to reveal different stereotypes found in the field of media.

  1. Doll Clothes – 1975

This work strikes me because it shares an element of detachment and intellectual motivation behind the doll and the clothes. Cindy Sherman experience and constraints are presented in great depth. Similar to the work above Cindy Sherman tries to change herself within different individuals.


One of the most interesting thing that I like about this photographer is his ability to bring into light the concept of beauty. His light and fluorescent hues make him an interesting artist to look into.

1.Florence and the Machine , Spectrum 2012

– Music video unveil his ability and distinctive features, which I truly like.


1.’The Maze prison’2003

In this work Donovan Wiley creates a work that shows the grasping and difficult feeling prisoners had to engage with if they tried to escape from the prison court grounds. The sameness and repetitive corridors that unwind ed around each corner made individual go in sane. Through his images he is able to unveil such a presentation into great depth.


The super real and idealized version of the photographs produced by Joel Grimes bring out the pure perfection of these works. The work presented shows a great deal of skill and ability.

2.Polaroid Type 55 is an interesting set of work that expose a different edge to this photographer.


An interesting notion that this photographer presents in his works is the environment that he resided in.  Documenting the scenario that he and other people face, shares an interesting photographic task for the viewer to understand and acknowledge.

  1. Afghanistan Chronotopia, Simon Norfolk, 2002


Beautiful work. Amazing photographs.


Creative and intelligent way of expressing photography. His ability to create a beautiful scene made fully out of food and bringing into life a real like effect is utterly amazing. His work is distinctive and has the ability to capture and enchant the viewer with its beautiful results.

  1. The Rialto Bridge
  1. Candy Cottage
  1. The boat Man


Her ability to capture a balance, together with the photo manipulation shares an interesting feature upon her photographs.

  1. Personal Work, Series 1


One astonishing features that out struck from this artist is his distinctive ability to project different tonal and technical lightning features in his pictures. This touch bring out a distinctive quality upon which makes him quit unique for.

  1. Them and Theirs


The hard work and intrinsic detail that this artist is able to capture is by far one thing to admire.  The fictional characters and the detail, time and location share a significant feature in the work produced.

  1. Wonderland 2009-14
  2. 2.My Angel 2008-9

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