In today’s session……

I was able to explore the different technical aspects that surround with the notion of Flashguns and their use in the field. An essential element that has been evaluated was the aperture effect that the flash contains. Working with whole numbers f8,f11 I was able to acknowledge and understand the concept that stands with flash. The shutter speed/ synchronization speed has been another issue that we tackled. In this regard we looked through the concept of ambient light and how one can get a dragging speed to either  bright or dull results.

Another important value that was evaluated was that of the guide number. A guide number has its own power unit. Example the Canon 43 Flash divided with the distance of the object ex. 10 will give out a f4.3. Light meter and the concept of incident and reflected measuring has been resurfaced once more. All this has moved into the notion of flashguns were we tested out the Transmitter and Receiver and the connection found in between.


Phottix Triggers, Canon 43 Flashgun, Flash bracket, Stand and West Coat 32 Umbrella, we tried to move on the concept of taking the studio to a portable environment. Looking into ways how this technology will help us achieve an interesting result.

Location set up:


Shoots and Experimentation with Trigger and Flash technology.





In the following examples I tried to capture flash light triggered within the room. Although the technical aspect was not directly connected to the one focused. I wanted to experiment with light and flash trace. Such results have traces of flash which I found interesting to share.05060702


Through triggers overheating and different light changes that occurred, such technical workshop has enabled me to further understand the elements introduced. Such technical practice is a highly essential tool upon which i have to develop and work on.

More Technical Research and Hands on examples will be uploaded soon.

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