T&P 2A- Outcome 3- Music and Light Development 3 & 4 Outcome- Page 16

Outcome of work from Page 8-16
After evaluating different feedback comments and requisitioning the purpose of such work I
wanted to see how I will make the connection of music and light visually work. After long thinking evaluation and mind blogs I started to assemble different parts of photos that enabled me to understand the connection of light and sound. Light energy transcended from one photo to another and this fully engage me to justify my work and the relevance of it further more.

Different elements and parts of music like light connect into each other and this connection is what makes them unique. Although they are both vague and abstract terms to visual and tangibly explain through their connection one can understand my understanding of their matter. This perspective is of utmost significance.

Through Grapelli’s Stardust I concentrated and developed a work that brings the different
compositional elements into one piece that transcends from one concept to another. This work has fully resonated with what I truly wanted to expose and unraveled the true energy that belongs between the two elements.Through various group and peer feedback I was able to acknowledge that people have the ability to acknowledge the essence of this work and the connection of this work can be justified.

What will happen next?

Further Feedback will be investigated and push forth. This will enable me to evaluate the way that I will be presenting my work and the connection that I have made through this
cycle of work. Further investigation will still take place for future reference.

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