T&P-2A-Outcome 4- Career Aspirations + Development Plan+ Surroundings Final Outcome – Page 5

Outcome 4 (From page 1-5)

In this section I have dedicated time to evaluate the career path and direction that I would like to follow in the future. Further explanation is found on page 1 – Outcome 4.
Through different mind mapping and note annotations I was able to document and structure the different aspects that a work requires from the initial day of execution to the final days of evaluations. The consistency and structure that I was able to formulate from the very start has allowed me to venture and plunge my work into different fields of thought.

The surroundings that I have found myself surrounded with has enabled the rite of knowledge for the whole journey. This possibility has enabled me to understand in clear context what the purpose of time and space that I found myself in.
Through this evaluation I have been able to construct a paragraph that will be put forth when I shall present my work.
What will happen next?

Although the investigation and development has reached the final structure, I will take this development and try to investigate it further in the future to come. It is something that I have initiated and It is something that I have believed and achieved through my journey in the UK.

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