SP 2A- Outcome 2- Initial Research Outcome- Page 45

SP 2A- Outcome 2- Initial Research Outcome- Evaluation of Pages 1- 44


Looking through different works and ways of one’s expression I wanted to formulate an aesthetic that will stand as a marking point for this development.

One of the most influential aesthetic that I have looked deeply and evaluated in depth was that of Deadpan Aesthetic. This form of presentation is one that highlights and shares an ideology that surrounds itself with the notion of objectifying a subject and removing all that is emotional. In doing so one will be presented with an image value that is unemotional, cold and shares something that is different from the rest.
What I wanted to value in such an aesthetic was the ways and means of presenting such objective notion. In many chases this value is presented through the repetition and typological overview of the same object such as found in Thomas Ruff, Bernd and Hilla Becher etc. Their aesthetic has a formula that I wanted to acknowledge, justify and pronounce something from it.
The Black and White degradation is one thing that I find myself in need to explore. Although I have never been into such formula of hues, I find that I have found a voice from it and I should develop the meaning behind it.
In order to understand in great depth the true significance of such work I must be able to establish a point in space where the emotion of detachment truly heightens. The point and times in the day that I find myself facing and my reaction to it.
Work Location
The window in my same bedroom is one marking point that I see into great accounts this detachment. Although a room might look as the most domestic and intimate place for a person’s life in this chase I feel repellent to anything that I have in this room. Knowing that I am not the first not even the last to live in this room, makes me wonder how alienated this thing can make me. Having to live 3 months in such a manner overwhelms me and the window is my only hope and despair that I have to face. In order to understand and study in depth my reaction to this window I will be focusing on capturing its essence and bring into life the detachment that belongs within.

What will I do next?

This research has given me deep insight to the ways I can approach my work. Although the final result is still a long way to go, subconsciously I am working on my thoughts into an aesthetic that is mine. Sometimes this feeling overwhelms me and loses me in the doubt of not reconnecting back to anything I knew before. This work will stand as a justification of me acknowledging such a problem and trying to voice it out allowing me to open up this burden that I have never felt in such amplitude.

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