T&P 2A – Outcome 1 – External Opportunities Final Outcome – Page 20


Through this work I have been able to get in touch with different people and companies. This
connection is vital in such a field and although sometimes it might look overwhelming, the initial
steps are the hardest. There is nothing wrong asking advice and professional help.
Although the majority of the chases different people ignore response, I have been able to persist
and insist on finding a means of communicating with the industry out there.

Hiding away from these realities is the worst thing that one can do. No one should discourage
him/herself from the million denials but persisting will give way to opportunities.

What will happen next?

Further research will be made and I will continue to venture and explore different possibilities to
gain insight in this field. No matter how hard it will be I shall keep pushing forth and persisting
on what I truly believe.

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