T&P 2A-Outcome 2- Inverse Square Law Final Outcome- Page 63


Through the various investigations that I have undertaken I was able to understand in clear terms that lie within the Inverse Square Law. This Law states that double the distance quarter the power.

The ratio of light exposed on the subject is one important thing that through visual experimentation I could deeply understand and re-shoot.
Although the inverse square law can be difficult to achieve when having a light source that is conditioned through intensity example that of sun and clouds, the results can be tricky. Through these results I tried to bring into practice the essential of this law and try to see the purposness of its functionality. Although sometimes the results are difficult to achieve due to interfering light sources I have tried my best to reveal a good understanding of such a law.

What will happen next?

This Law is of great understanding and I will be aware of the principality that it justifies even during my film module, were it places a crucial aspect in lightning studio backgrounds. This Law has been something that although it might be visually comprehended with great observation one has to practice it to further understand this concept.

Further results will take place in my country, were I will be faced with different light conditions to those found in UK. Work will be uploaded via michelinmission.wordpress.com.

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