In this work I have explored the different conceptual possibilities that Pinocchio’s cover could have. In this work one of my main motivations was that to challenge myself and try to work on a different approach.

In order to bring out such a different way a thinking, I have worked within conceptualizing and understanding the essence and significance that this narrations outlines. In the majority of the chases this narration cliche has been always that of Disney’s approach and the truthful nature that Collodi outlines is one that I have never explored. In this work the cards flipped, and I forced myself to look within the essence and the most crucial part of such a narration.

02 pinocchio 03 pinocchio

Within such a deep and analytical approach I was able to bring out the significance and the lack of dimension that Pinocchio had within that of mother hood. Despite the alluded significance that the white fairy portrays, the lack of mother to son connection is something that bears understanding to the way Pinocchio expresses himself with the rest of the world.

In the above attempts I looked within transforming this notion within the principalities of oil pastels conjoined within the textured rough surface. After a significant amount of attempts I came up with a concluding cover that summons my expression to such an interesting book.

DGA2004_backnfrontPinocchioCover_MichelleTrapani RGB

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