01 2D development work

In this work I have explored and been directed into thinking within different elements that contribute to the development of 2D Animation. In this light I have explored and looked within the history of what ultimately makes the moving image an importance outsource of expression.

Looking through the Victorian and Camera Obscura, I have tested and started to formulate my interpretation within such concepts. Through a Zoetrope development and together with a background animator wheel system I tried to find a way upon which I could develop a potential animation.

After working on this I tried to value and understand further the idea of creating 2D animation. Yet in order to fully understand this concept and method of visual communication I had to be inspired by visual pioneers that employed and exploited this technique into its fullest potential. Looking through the distinctive and awe inspiring works of pioneers such as Emile Cohl, George Melies, Winsor Mc Cay,Muybridge and Marey, the idea and perception of animation or a 2d Visual identity, becomes something of great wonder and interest.

In this very initial animation study I looked into producing something that provides instance impact and element of slapstick identity.

This 2D traditional frame drawn animation, has enabled me to understand and appreciate the commitment and hard work that animators have to resolve around when working in the very basis of animation.





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