In today’s generation the social interaction of being who we are, exposes a new dimension of reality that reveals something that is of great depth within the way we connect with one another. Away  from interactive tangibility, we like to escape and disconnect our being from reality, and follow a system that unveils the vernacular feel of living.

Looking through social media and the stance that each one of us try to portray, I stand to believe that we have become individuals that blindly compromise with what society mark as ‘to date’. It is funny to see that social media, is a great lonely place and there is something to it that only through, experience and growth one can truly acknowledge the side effects it infuses in one another.

The social reality stands to confirm that through the hundred of ‘friends’,’followers’ and ‘likes’, it is truly a lonely place to live into. From early morning till the very last post of the day, we have become imprisoned within a system that urges us to look and feed our heads with knowledge that we once could live without.

In order to explain and unveil the true depth that this consequence is directing us into, I will be conducting a 30 day Photographic journey, where I will be exposing the real social reality that such media triggers me to perceive the interaction with this work. The vernacular and systematic approach that I will be working into, will further outline the sense of oppression that such media restricts on us.

Follow the process on Instagram @thesocialreality – daily uploads are shared following this dichotomy.


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