BFX Reflections

With all the meetings and interesting topics that I was able to get from the BFX PRO and CORE sessions, one question is for sure



A difficult question I must say. With all the great innovations, directions and power that the visual media has enabled within the current industry, the direction can be pointed to anything I could dream off. This from its great pros it also stands as a challenging battle to what direction I should lead to.

People from Pixar, Disney, FrameStore, Cinesite Studios, Blue Sky Studio, MPC, Fabric Software Inc., Jelly Fish Studios, Solid Angle, ILM, The Mill, Blue Zoo, Karrot Animation, Sumo digital, Plaground Games & Random 42.

All of them had one concrete piece of advice. Look within yourself, discover who you are, find what you want to be , and venture for what you truly believe in.

Although I’m pretty sure that they have said more than this, the essence of what they showcased and revealed through out this animation and visual festival was an accountability and testimony of all the hard work.


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