This is a notion that anyone from this field from time to time, gets to experience. From class to assignments, whatever stands in the way is those dreaded deadlines which sometimes i’m blessed to have.

Yet then there are those huge steps that although you know you re capable 101 percent of achieving, you re mind and body take on different paths. A hard thing. believe me.

But whenever these days hit me, I just make sure to embrace myself to that moment to that situation and embrace the pain and fear that I have to face.Sounds  Very poetic, but somehow it works. Times like these show me how i’m capable to find positive vibes no matter what. Small particles of light that are almost so tiny to see, but somehow I find my way through.

It is like there is an instinct value within my soul that knows that it’ll be fine! Haha although my panic face is all over the place, it is that AHA moment, when I find my way through something is what truly makes all of this worth it!!

as dory says JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

[STAY +]



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