In today’s Workshop we were given an overview of the main study units that we will be working on achieving in this years program. In this introduction we were able to acknowledge the various variants that lie within the field of photography.

The main focus that we were directed to evaluate from our work was the idea aspect of questioning everything that we performed during this journey. Questioning is a significant part of our learning process and in doing this we are able to open up to numerous possibilities. Another key element that will make our work stand out is the amount of communication we strive to outline whilst working. Having the ability to face and acknowledge communication will allow us to further understand and justify the purposefulness of any work that we are inclined to outline.

To have the ability to verbalize all our ideas it will make our work more tangible and coherent to the audience out there.

BE PRO ACTIVE. If everything was Flemish today one point that I will carry through my journey is the idea of being all the time involved and active in what I believe is right.

Different photographers that we looked into were:











Further researched individuals are these:

1 Andy Gallacher

Tangible qualities in his shoots, that makes you feel within the picture itself. Colour qualities are characterized in their own way.

2 Arthur Mebius

Is a comic like photographer. he is able to create a cartoon, comic humor to the reality presented. Such a perspective gives out a fresh outlook to how it perceives such a medium. With great technical skills of lightning he is able to bring out something which is unique and interesting.

3 John Jones

Through artificial lightning he is able to create a narrative that is visually as real as that of a movie still.

4 Gregory Crewson

This photographer is well known for capturing american neighborhood scenes. The employment of light is one crucial element to bring out the real aesthetic and contrasting hues in the picture envisaged.

5 Eric Curry

Long exposure photos, bring out the vividness and almost surreal qualities to his photos presented. In his work he is able to bring an aesthetic that is part of the american ideological outlook. Example : ‘Painting with Light’ .

6 Brad Trent

In his work he brings out a huge contrast and sharp light conditions that make the persona almost hyper-real to the aesthetic captures. example- ” artificial faces.

After reviewing a good number of photographers and the idea concept behind their work we were instructed to take an initial self portrait through a telephoto lens. I have never experienced a telephoto lens before thus the initial trails were based on trail and error. The confusion that you feel while having such a zoomed space together with heavy kit made the majority of the images blurry. Light reading and metering took place initially in order to get a well lit and balanced out tone through the concept idea of inverse square law.

Looking at the portraits from a distance one can not truly outline the physical problems but as soon as we zoomed into the results there was an inconsistency that with further work and understanding we could resolve its problems.


01 week 1 copy

issue 1 colour background

Problem was the inconsistency of the coloured background that we had in all our results. The different tonal hues achieved provided an understanding of same distance from camera and subject that differed from one portrait to the other. Another key problem was of having focus and unfocused inconsistency.


Always question everything and whatever I do I should follow a proactive state of mind and evaluation. Look into things that inspire you and focus on them.

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