Thought ‘Read Between The Lines’

Research Analysis

The divergent way of approaching such an abstract noun was initially hard to grasp its functionality. Despite all this I was able to transcend various outcomes within the word provided. The word ‘Thought’ attains an increasingly vast knowledge to it and I wanted to evaluate such a word through a variant outlook.

Word Thought

Idea, Notion, Belief, Concept, Opinion, View, Impression, Image, Perception, Notice,Regard, Issue, Outlook…

Through this work I want that the viewer is able to question the elements portrayed.  The relation that the viewer has with the composition is a crucial element to outline. Photography is the means upon which I could translate the image that would bring out the concept of Reading between the Lines. Although through my work I initially started looking through an outcome that was literally defined I was able to strand off and capture variants that allowed me to further the freedom that I was provided with.

03 04

Initial Photos- Top 2 – Bring out the Parallels between now and then. The present and the past. Although the element of fading away is evident I had to increasingly justify my work with the notion reading between the lines. The element of neglect and forgotten stands as a crucial element in these works.05 07 06

Through Defined and High contrasted features I explored further the notion of time and change. The idea of envisaging the line and knowledge within is sought through the natural elements of the photos. The anatomical features that transcend from these photos has enabled me to further outline the idea concept.08 The divide of time and space and the resurfacing something out of the ordinary has made me think about the vernacular that is envisioned in us. An everyday scene that justifies what is left and what will become. 10 11The spatial Quality of these photos has given me the ability to envisage the concept further more. The broad and different view points that this project has brought out suggest how creative and free the concept of a word can be.


The outcome of such an evaluation has given me in site of how I can tackle a word and a concept from different point of views. An important factor upon looking through this analyzing is keeping the idea clear and remember the aim of your body of work. This workshop thus can be translated into my own exploration of the task project analysis. Using the divergent and convergent practice based theories I can identify a way of processing and coming up with something that shows deep intellectual formation meaning.

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