SP 2A- Outcome 1- Worksheet 6- Editorial Investigation and Written Statement Outcome- Page 40-50

SP 2A- Outcome 1- Editorial Investigation and Written Statement Outcome- Page 40-50


The image that I wanted to put forth is that exposes in true terms the relation that I have with my personality. Through this evaluation I was able to understand the significance that lie within the small particles that make up my persona. The investigation of different editorial works has enabled me to understand the different contexts that photography has and how other photographers have an identity to this context at hand.  Through this development I could understand in clear terms what I want to use my photography for and in what context I want to plunge its significance.

What will I do next?

From this work I have been able to establish and understanding myself in the world I surround myself in. In this significance I had the ability to extract some values that I will be using them to further develop my work. The development of my work will thus be composed of something that my individuality perceives at this point in time and space. Away and distant from the comforts that life has engage with I have been plunge into a background that my personality has effectively produced something of great difference.

Through this initiation I would like to develop and further outline the relation that I have with this place that I have to bear for the next months.

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