SP 2A- Outcome 1- Survey Results Outcome- Pages 51-52

SP 2A- Outcome 1- Survey Results Outcome- Pages 51-52


In this survey I investigated the relation and concept identity that the photo reveals to people. Together with this I have investigated the different parts that photography relates to people and their social experiences. Through this investigation I wanted to see how people think in terms of photography and how much this field is appreciated. Although the response was no that of much amplitude I wanted to still analyse the reason behind this. The different technical aspects that I have outlined had no difficulty and this unveils the lack of appreciation that is found within such a complex understanding of photography. Together with this one is able to acknowledge that the social media has influenced and drastically impacted the way people regard images and their importance.

What will I do next?

These results help me to see the lack of attachment that there is within this field. Although many people regard themselves as they know it all, photography bears something that it takes more than snapping a picture. In this sense I want that my work reveals something that underlines a depth that through sheer understanding one can truly grasp. Although I do not want that my work sinks into a deep misunderstanding I would like to give in something that will make the viewer THINK.

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