SP 2A- Outcome 1- External Opportunities Outcome- Page 25

Outcome Evaluation of pages 14-25

 External Opportunities Outcome

In this development of work I looked into various external opportunities that will enable my work to establish ground in the field of fine arts. From various contacts that are immersed deeply in this industry I could get into terms the direction and stream that I would like to undertake. Although sometimes some of the opportunities are limited one is able to acknowledge that through deep determination and hard work there can be always a positive outcome to anything that comes at hand.

The million no s that I can face through my venture for a voice in the world will enable me to understand and push forth whatever I am eager and strongly believe in. Pursuing something is one ultimate achievement that I am willing to give in this development.

 What will happen next?

After contacting different streams of experts within this industry I would like that this momentum remains constant and active from time to time. Although I may struggle now to find foundation in this field I should always remain confident that one day I can or will have the ability to join these forces.

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