SP 2A- Outcome 1- Worksheet 6- Editorial Investigation – Page 40-48

Editorial Designs Evaluated 

The Guardian 

Positive outlook from this written source is the broad and deeply immersed significance in today’s life. Such a newspaper has a dominant voice that stands as important key point for a photographer to be viewed from. The allowance to produce something for such an audience marks a significant point in justifying a clear and open statement about the subject explored.

Vogue Italia Magazine

Positive outlook in Vogue Magazine is the consistency and dominance of images that infiltrates into the audience mind. It is a magazine that seeks to capture and one can read within the picture that they are faced with. Being part of such a complex and sophisticated branch of aesthetic shares a significant part in justifying oneself in clear and poignant qualities.

Eye Magazine

Positive outlook is the layout and distribution of different images. In having such a clear cut layout one is able to clearly read through and look within a photo in clearer terms.

British Journal of Photography

Positive outlook is the way the journal pin points different photographers and final thesis works that is of high importance for a new practitioner to showcase their work. The clear and well distributed articles help commissioners or different artists to clearly relate to the work and understand the thought process of the whole concept.

Through these different written sources I could acknowledge the different key importance that the editor and designers give to the different sections outlined. For example Vogue Magazine being a Fashion Design stream ware it gives to utmost significance to adverts together with co related photographers that are pioneers in the field of excellence. All this changes as one looks within a graphic design magazine example EYE, were the main focus is dedicated to the knowledge of layout and typeface distribution. The elegant formulation is one that I really like and the simplification of things brings out the ultimate sophistication of the element outlined in a page. All this stands in contrast with Vogue magazine were more illustration and mayhem is filled within the pages.

One of the most beautiful designs and work related focus that I seek to push my work through is one similarly produced in the British Journal of Photography. Through simple and direct statements one is able to see a diverse and vast works from different degrees of expertise. The simplification and clear justification of what the artist/photographer portrays has given me a sense of direction upon which my work can be fused into.  Looking through different issue numbers dating from 2000- until current issues I was able to relate and look within different intellectuals that outline a view which is unique and significant in all ways.

Looking through various work in both the British Journal of Photography and Vogue Magazine I wanted to create a body of work that I find interesting and compelling for my style. The approach of monotone hues is one of my utmost distinguishable qualities that I seek to achieve. Looking through work done by Craig Mcdean, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchekier and Esperanza Moya I could see the inspirational and directed objective that I would like my work to move into. The aesthetic and white washed effect that work such as that of Josh Olins, Bruno Dayan, Jim Fenwich, Jason Hetherington, Aithen Jolly, Kevin Mackinston, and Will Davidson make me feel connected to their way of thinking.

Thus in this body of work I was looking into a way of how I could transcend elemental features that make me connected and explore the stylistic uniqueness as one whole piece. Through the concept and idea development I was able to derive and formulate an interesting outlook of what I would like to achieve.

IMG_2931 copy



My name is Michelle Trapani, and I am reading a degree in visual arts. I am currently exploring photography and film as a source  that will enable me to further outstretch my artistic inspiration and influences for my career.

I have a style that is abstract and finds its way from different parts of my life upon which I learned and surrounded myself with.  My interests delve into different subjects that most of the time I find connections and parallels that bring out some inspirational qualities into my artistic field. Nature and all the elements of life are the most essential parts that enable me to fully engage with the subject produced. Culture and social media domination stands as another influential marking point that brings a significant anatomical feature in my work.

I am a risk taker and an achiever. I am willing to work hard and aim to be perfect in what I do.  The time, thought and strength I input not only values an aesthetic of its own, but it traces an identity that is mine.


Lightning, Tripod, Wide lens and 50mm.

Health and Safety Features in photography Site Related 

1 http://www.cjballphotography.org.uk/safety-article.htm

2 http://elysian-photography.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/unit-23-photographic-media-health-safety.html

3 http://steebtog.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/health-and-safety-considerations.html

4 http://joefoggcandg.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/studio-health-safety-assessment.html

Interesting Photography Galleries



3 http://www.danzigergallery.com/gallery

4 http://www.yossimilo.com/

5 http://www.kaunasgallery.lt/en/

6 http://thephotographersgallery.org.uk/

7 http://www.openeye.org.uk/

8 http://www.grimaldigavin.com/

9 https://www.centrepompidou.fr/cpv/rechercher.action


Through this work shop I was able to understand the different streams that photography can take. From High Fashion editorial photography to fine Art gallery work, I could deeply analyze different streams. My work thus take a more of a personal and academic touch and I am more inclined to value my work as a composition similar to a painting. Thus the direction that I take my work is more gallery based.

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