SP 2A- Outcome 3 – Concept Development Shoot Development-Page 1-8

Divergent Thinking Divergent Thinking is to think on all possible outcomes. Thinking becomes similar to that of a child, were the sky is the limit. One should always understand other people’s need. Through conceptual thinking one should direct the audience to a focus.

Divergent thinking process of the Bulbs:


 The main qualities of the Subject

-Roundness/Shape -Reflecting Element -Colour -Light qualities Through this work we want to balance out a composition that shares features of the subject. Through various light qualities and elemental qualities we want to transcend the main anatomical features of the bulb.

Working Results

01 011 01202 03 04 06 07 08 09 The concept of light could be analysed in further depth. Different environments explored in the interior and exterior could have been further analysed. Yet, one is able to comprehend the huge contrast that the initial idea formulated into.

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