SP 2A- Outcome 3 – Concept Development Outcome –Page 11

SP 2A- Outcome 3 – Concept Development Outcome Evaluation of Pages 1-11 –Page 11


In both these workshops I have had the ability to understand in clear the value behind the notion of concept. Although this sometimes term sometimes is overused, one should always bear in mind the significance that it has to the work that one has to undergo to evaluate this term. The depth of this term as provided in the whole thinking analysis has been an important aspect that enabled me to delve into subjects that showed a divergent way of formulating an idea.
The initial idea that one gets into his head is the generic way of interpreting something. In conceptualizing and find a root of this word one is able to delve into level that brings out a flourish in the way one thinks.

What will happen next?

From these exercises I have formulated my own way of understand as one can see from the initial pages of the A3 Black journal that is provided. Through this thinking manner I have extracted keywords that emerged into different streams. These streams have outline and delved into sub relations and I was able to resurfaces something that brings the concept in new significance.

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