SP 2A- Outcome 3- Detachment Development 1 & 2 Outcome- Page 16

SP 2A- Outcome 3- Detachment Development 1 – 2- Pages 12-16


In this research development I have evaluated and read through different notion ideas regarding symbolism and the aspects that lie on this. From different terms I wanted to formulate a structure that could enable me and help me come up with an idea concept that will translate to the following experimentations as seen on pages 17-25 and 26-30. Through different texts and anthropological ideas I wanted to formulate a good investigation in what these words and aspects mean. More investigation was carried out in the A3 Black Journal Page 4.

What will happen next?
After researching and investigation different notions that express the notion of detachment I will be work on formulating a different Idea notion of how I will be translating the concept that I have in mind. Through rethink and reanalysing myself and intent in this work I can delve this development and find the direction that I would like my work to develop into.

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