SP 2A- Outcome 3- Work Development 1 Outcome- Page 25

SP 2A- Outcome 3- Work Development 1 Outcome- Evaluation of Pages 17-25


In this development I wanted to find a way of how I could translate my voice and express my individuality through colour symbolism. The repellent effect that this experiment obtains justifies the way I initial was and how I translated my situation in.
Although the result that I have obtained marks an abstract notion of development I find that this work has allowed me to understand in clear terms what I want to push forth. Through research development of colour symbolism I allowed myself to delve into different notions that contribute to colour markings and distribution.

From the body of work study I have been able to identify the main key elements that mark the concept of detachment. Although the work outcome still needs a deep understanding of context one can see that the idea behind involves something that if further acknowledge, I am able to produce something that brings in terms the true justification of my stay in here.

What will happen next?

In the following work I will be reanalysing ways of how I can push my work further. Through different location set ups I will be seeking to understand the idea concept of detachment.

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