SP 2A- Outcome 3- Work Development 2 Outcome- Page16

SP 2A- Outcome 3- Work Development 2 Outcome- Evaluated pages 1-16

In this body of work I have investigated the notion of detachment from one single point of view.
For forty days I have developed a series of images that correspond to the same view at different times of the day. During these days I wanted to evaluate the real purpose of such a location and the effectiveness that it brought into when I am in front of this view. In the morning and evening I wanted to make sense and bring myself in terms of this detachment. Although this process was long and responded to a long visual analysis it has enabled me to acknowledge the indifference that the environment establishes to me.
Detachment from day one had a tonal difference from that of day forty. In understanding this I was able to see that my detachment did not share the same justification as it initially did. There is a growth in this development and whatever was before has moulded itself into new forms and ways of detachment. It is thus significant for me to outline the depth of such notion and translate the narration that I have faced throughout this journey.

The mundane ritual that I have repeatedly done throughout these days has been a justification of me taking control of the situation and finding grounds in establishing the true feelings of me in these surroundings. The routine has allowed me to structure the day and bring out a foundation that moulded my pivot points of understanding.
The mechanical way of doing this body of work shares an influential overtone established and investigated in the researched works related to Deadpan Aesthetic.

Some of the days test experimentation and follow up:

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


I believe that this work has enabled me to understand the truth of such a reality. Although some people may understand something and acknowledge it instantly, I had to find a way of understanding myself in this phase and take the time required to distribute a clear understanding of me in this situation. This clarity has allowed me to develop and enhance the notion of myself into new ways and means of aesthetic.

What will happen next?
I will work on finding a balance through the concept narration and the element of detachment that lie has core key factors that will mould my final outcome distribution.

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