During today’s session…

We analysed Soft Light vs. Hard Light, together with colour temperature and the element of Inverse Square Law. The initial exercise that we worked on was that of employing soft box together with an CTR orange gel, and the initial goal was to obtain a balance between White and Orange hues.


After Analyzing and getting into grips with the different Lightning equipment at hand, we moved on to the concept of finding a way of creating a balance light environment were two subjects had to balance each other. Although such a concept was quit hard to engage, after long time of practice an interesting result has been obtained. One of the interesting features that enabled us move forward in this task was in fact the attached LED light source that was placed on top of the camera. Such an Element has enabled us to create results that were both tested in interior and exterior environments.

03 01 0212 11

Through Lightning Movements and setting up I was able to find some interesting angles upon which I could create realistic stills.


The Soft Light that I was able to capture sheds a different idea to the view presented. Although the faces are not lighted up they still retain interesting qualities that I found interesting to share.

15 14 13

With a fixed lens camera, reflectors and an LED Light source I came up with shots that expose good tonal qualities. These are the exterior results that I was able to come up to. Camera Lens 50 mm.  10 08 07 06

Colour temperature, Light Principles and other tests will be submitted soon.

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