In today’s session we worked with lights and a black magic camera.

Roles given( director,Jafa, sound, light, First Aider etc.) and Camera set up took place.

Light Set up, was an intensive one as we had to get a balanced out environment between the 2 subjects that we were going to shoot. Three light set ups have been initiated in order to fully light up the scene and make it rather natural for the viewer.

Attempting to Light up and set up the first lightning tungsten, moved at the edge of the scene. 03 Discussions done for the script and directing camera movements.04 05 Light study and how we could further balance the scene. 06 Angle the light to cast a better soft shadow on the persona projected.07 Light set up and a charioscuro effect that it casted.09 Attempt to finalize and start rolling.Everyone took his place and filming initiated. 131211

Silence on set, Light, Sound, Camera, Take and Action.

Great Film Sets and Behind the Scene Productions:

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