T&P 2A- Outcome 2 Part 2- Light Divergent Investigation Outcome- Page 36

Outcome Evaluation form Page 14-36


In this research I have evaluated the different inter based subjects that I consider corresponding well with the notion that I would like to put forth within the concept of light.

Light has a physicality that we have shared from the most ancient times to that of the modern era. Light has been a significant for our ancestors and these connections is what I seek to acknowledge. Another significant scientific practise that I find interconnected with that of light energy is the quantum physics of molecule understanding. Although these two subjects have a vastness that is beyond everyone’s intellectual understanding I would like to immerse and plunge different particles that attribute to these philosophies.

What will happen next?

After pin pointing the different elements that recall to light I would like to find a voice that justifies this thing in full notion. The voice that I will be exploring should evoke in deep sense an element of connection that I will be able to transcend to the viewer

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