T&P2A- Outcome 2 Part 2- Music Investigation in Relation to Light- Page 74

Outcome investigation from Page 37-76


Through this body of work I have delved the principalities of light in connection to music. Through various thinking processes I was able to bring out this voice as the main focus that will make this connection possible. The energy that music transcends brings out something that will interact with the viewer and my work with deeper intellectual ability.

Although music surrounds us in all forms and styles on daily basis, I wanted to push forth the individual connection that I have with music. This connection stands as a significant input for my final work, thus deep evaluation is of great essentiality.

Through different music variants and experimentations, I have been able to connect with a particular music that outlines in depth the connection that I want to fulfil with light. Grapelli’s Jazz violin works is the tone that I find of great inspirational connection and through this revelation I would like to push forth the significance and connection.

Through various tracks I have experimented in depth the notion and connection that this sound establishes with the light connection. Different light sources where investigated and through multitude of expressions I am refining the true expression that I feel within such a connection.

What will happen next?

Through Grapelli’s sound ‘Stardust’ I will be producing and understanding different musical features that will affect the way light connects with the different dynamics expressed. Through light markings I shall investigate the way that I will be presenting the final work

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