Week 7

Testing DSLR, Sony HD Camcorder in Red-light environment, exploring the outside environment and testing different light conditions During this lecture we have explored different light conditions upon which we might be using for the Ilford documentary filming in the following week. We have as well worked on the focus and consistency of different cameras.

In the initial part of the lesson we were testing the different levels of ISO, aperture and shutter speed in order to come up with a balanced out picture that we could employ for our Ilford documentary scene. Through this testing we could understand that the Red 4K camera was not the best option for us to use, due to the high noise that it gained as we increased the ISO. Test in the dark room under safe light resulted to be much grainy than the ones produced in the Film studio.

After verifying the best media to employ we focused on exterior environments down in the City Centre. In this second half of the lecture we analysed in depth the ISO, shutter speed and aperture found within such a skylight environment.

Wide lens 360 degree experimentation
Trail on Sony HD

Different Light conditions changed the scene upon which we were shooting in. An interesting effect was traced within glass reflections.

02 01


Through this session I was able to understand how significant pre testing is in order to come up with a better understanding of film production. Although some video media might seem the best of quality such as the Black Magic Camera under safe red light conditions, noise increase was of great problems. Thus the best media production is that of the Sony HD camcorder. This camera has produced consistent input that would fit appropriately for the footage for Ilford production documentary.

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