Planning Outcome

In today’s session we have focused on the main technical problems that we have currently within the place that we are going to film next week.

Construction demolition is taking place next to the College institute thus we have to find a way how to reduce such a noise. The noise of jack hammers and big demolishing machines create a huge resonance that can be of great distraction when working in the Film studio and the Black and White dark room. Trying to figure out a schedule and a way to work with resolving such a problem is an important asset that we have discussed in great depth in today’s class.

After focusing on sound problems we shifted on the technical light equipment that we need to assemble during the filming days in the darkroom. Having a clear outline of the light aspects that we are required to light up has enabled us to understand in depth the footage and how to tackle such a production. Sound systems and technical aspects such as levels of pitches that might affect sound have been discussed and we should look out for such technical difficulty if construction continues within the same days that we will be working on.

After outlining the main significant issues concerning the whole production next week, we were given roles and time slots upon which we could work in team and get the footage in a high standard manner. Crew distribution has been shared equally in order that everyone has a take on different task thus enabling us to have a broad understanding of the whole thing.



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