03 DAZ 3D development work

In this project our aim was to tackle and understand 3D elements and characters in transforming and make them work into HOLOGRAM projection effect.

In order to develop such a project , I was given a brief upon which I was required to create a series of characters that would be incorporated within the a 3D rendering of the Hagar Qim. In this light, I was required to come up with different characters that work within the context of the subject at hand.

Although DAZ 3d interface is user friendly different experiments had to be done in order to find the proper rendition and tonality within my work. On of the main issues that I constantly faced, was that of creating dark completions in order to compensate within the hologram rendition that would saturate the tonal qualities.

Another challenging factor that I had to face in this work, was that of providing a series of interactive actions that would allow the viewer to acknowledge the different elemental and duties within the small community of the ancient Hagar Qim. The repetitive actions that different cycles where explored, had to work on constant flow within the background and parameters of the work.

The final outcome of this work has enabled and helped out the development of a research project within the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence in the University of Malta.



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