It gets into me when I realize that education has given me so much, and yet waiting for the big call, for the dreamy job aspiration you have always wanted comes with a lot more than doing amazingly great at uni. It seems like a hunger game venture, where employers seek to look at individuals that are tough and well patient to endure the torture of finding the ultimate initial job. There are to counter sides to it which I really hate and more than ever I like.

The hate part is that it does take time, and being an individual like me, I really want to make the best out of anything. For this time, the waiting is so dreadful that makes me think so many things to which I ultimately deliberate all sorts of insignificant details that surround my house. Time like this as well, re energizes my insane passion to create something. Although physically I have not yet deliberated and delivered anything, within me I can feel that my barometer of development is being filled slowly and constantly.

Taking this as a chance to understand my various pathways that I will be developing through out my next part of my life, I’m trying to be acceptful of this given time and resolves myself in doing things that evoke a mental tranquility and peacefulness.

Picking olives, is one of those things that allowed me to understand the various counter arguments that I mentally struggle when I don’t see yet results of the hard work that I have done through out the ages. Taking the Olive tree, I understood that not every year I harvest it. Yet there are years, like this year where the bloom and development of it roots, sprout so many olives, that gives you wonder and awe when trying to get every inch and ounce of it inside the bucket. Similar to life and its journey, there will be times were everything will be dry and fragile, yet the constant nourishment and persistence will bear a lot of good deeds for the time to come.

Keeping this in mind there is hope, and it will be worth it.



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