Test 2 :

In this test I wanted to connect works of Grappelli into one whole piece and show the continuation and flow that is found within such a work. The results that I have obtained brought out something that I would like to further justify and explore. The technical ability and light source mastering has showed me the direction upon which I would like my work to delve into.

These are the initial dialogues that I started to relate to when working with Grapelli’s Album – Django Reinhardt- Full Album.

I started to extract different points of these musical passages and followed this structure. Each photo has been initiated as according to the album structure.

Here I will show the distribution of sets that I was able to come up with as part of my development in this genre of music.


IMG_4130 IMG_4124 IMG_4122

IMG_4127 IMG_4128
IMG_4132 IMG_4133 IMG_4140 IMG_4142

2nd experimentation and development of my work.

S. Grappelli –  Djangology

This initial part of Grappelli’s work I have expressed the blossom like effect that in this soundtrack he brings out. The bold yet clear touch of string markings stand as a significant point to capture. The distinctive note like dots that follow each other shed an important aspect that I find is part of his work and mastery. The element of vibrato and tonal Jazz quality that he is able to create and formulate whilst playing render the sound into something that of sheer inspirational. The connection that I find within such a distinctive and structural yet profoundly abstract music evolves my self , into something that through these results I can justify it.

The work of Grapelli and his tonal qualities stand as an Analogy of life. Even though one might listen to this music over and over again, the ability and different thought processes that this music evokes resolves and brings into mind the deep intertwined abstraction that such a music retains in the anima of its essence. Life similar to this music is built up of multitudes of abstract levels that can never be perceived yet it has to be lived and resolved within harmonies that formulate our future.

17                                                                                                             14            18  13 12

Further investigation will proceed from this direction of work and attribute. Light, Dark and Music are key factors that enable these compositions to become alive.

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