Here is the update :

I refined the mesh much more and hopefully, I can create other assets to build up my modeling skills. I’ve been trying to keep up my great work and work more and more every day. Although sometimes it is hard, I am trying to keep up.

On another note, I realized something extremely important to which I think a lot would underestimate. Never let anyone condition who you are. Let no judgment, no thought or perception destroy or damage who you are. The most important thing is you and your journey. Other people are important but not as important as you are to your being and self. Everyone seeks to make his image the best and unfortunately, in this world, there is more to this than the honest sheer reality of purity from the soul.

Decide for yourself. Seek opinion but you have the gear and steer for your own journey. Not X or Y.

Your identity is yours to treasure and makes use of.

Keep Positive


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